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Privacy, Permissions, and Legal Stuff

This page covers you privacy issues, permissions to use our copyrighted material, and a legal disclaimer as it relates to the website its readers and users.

Conditions of Use: We have worked hard to author and compile the material expressed on this website. These expressed materials are protected by U.S. and foreign copyrights. Bicycle Germany, L.L.C., and Tim and Maxa own the copyrights.

As owners of the copyrights, we do not grant you permission to use it except as follows: Anyone may access the website and download the information to electronic, magnetic, optical or similar storage media provided it is not used for commercial use. We do grant you a revocable license for anyone to use the information for his or her own personal use and to electronically transmit our URL to others for their personal use. However, all other uses are without our permission so do not do it.

We forbid such other uses like downloading or making photocopies of our material for distribution to others whether or not a fee is charged for the copies. We also forbid using any of our photographs on other websites without our express permission to do so. And do not think that if we give permission once, you have it forever, each photograph or other use must have a separate permission. Tim and/or Maxa reserve the right to revoke this license at any time. And if we do revoke it, you need to discontinue your use right then (sofort). Otherwise, the revocable license would not be a revocable license, would it?

If you do make copies without our prior written permission, you assume any responsibility and you indemnify us (, Bicycle Germany L.L.C., Tim, and Maxa) from any and all costs and liabilities that arise from your actions or any reliance upon our information. Got it?

Sometimes we might let some information, text, or pictures slip through our editing that might be inappropriate for whatever reason. Let us know in writing and we will probably remove the offending material at once; or sofort, as they say in Germany.

You are not allowed to alter or change any information or material on this website without our prior written permission. It will annoy us if you do.

We reserve the right to publish, or not publish any feedback, including photos we receive from you at our sole discretion. We don’t pay royalties when we publish feedback unless you make prior arrangements. Basically, you will be giving us the right to publish your stuff on our website for free. In return, we promise not to sue you for anything related to your feedback.

Disclaimer: We deem the information provided here to be correct and accurate as of the time we gathered it. Mileage and altitude measurements of any points may vary up to one mile or up to 30 feet due to inaccuracies of measurement devices, human error, and changing weather conditions.

Humor was (and will continue to be) used to enliven the readability and may taint one's perceptions of reality. But reality is often tainted by one's perceptions anyway. Generalizations made will not apply to specific situations or individuals.

If we say something derogatory, we ae sorry. We did not mean to insult or belittle anyone, any group, anything or any place. If you point our mistake out to us in writing, we will change it. Maybe we will make it less derogatory, maybe not.

If we quote timetables or prices, they are deemed approximately accurate at some time during the history and/or the future of the humankind occupation of the Earth. Unfortunately, these things change and the people who change them do not ask me first. Therefore, they probably will not be accurate when you want to rely on them. They may be close though.

Use of Links to Other Websites: Our website contains a number of links to other websites. In providing these links, Bicycle Germany LLC does not in any way endorse the contents of these other websites. Bicycle Germany LLC has not developed or reviewed the contents of those websites and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the contents of these other websites.

Privacy Policy: We do put a cookie on your computer when you visit our website. The cookie is only so we can keep track of how many visitors we are getting and which of these visitors are first-time visitors and which are return visitors. Our server, as do nearly all servers out there, gathers information such as the type of browser you are using, what you put into the browser as a search string, the type of user interface you use, e.g. Windows XP Firefox, the screen resolution you have set, and so forth. We do not collect your personal information such as your email address (unless you send us an email directly), or your mailing address, or your mother's maiden name, or anything that gives us access to any files on your computer. And we never will.

However, Google AdSense, the company we used to use to post the advertisements on our site, does pay attention to the type of sites you visit the most so they can categorize your interests and target advertisements in which you might be interested. We discontinued Google AdSense in early 2018. So, you need not worry about information that feature will collect from your visit to our website.

We will not sell any information to others - for any purpose. Even if you do email us, we will not share your email addresses with anyone else without first obtaining your permission. And as above, if we do it once, we will not do it a second time without getting your permission a second time. Any email addresses we have on this website have been gathered from public sources like brochures, other websites, or directly from the email address owners who have given us permission to use their addresses. If you have any questions about any of the above legal stuff, e-mail me as described in the Contact Us page. If you have any suggestions about anything, we want your input. If you want to correct any erroneous information we have published (heaven forbid), we want to know that too.

Thanks for reading all this stuff. Bleib senkrecht!

Tim and Maxa Burleigh

for Bicycle Germany LLC and

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