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Here are some links about bicycling in Germany:

  1. Hotels etc.: A work-in-progress database of German overnight accommodations and hotels:
  2. More about Hotels, etc.: General tourism information in Germany (English language) learn about German maps, tips, hotels and more: This is a Tourist industry government-owned site.
  3. Visas: Here are two websites that discuss visas into Germany and other Schengen Treaty countries. German visas and all Schengen Visas: Some of us have the right to enter without a visa but only for 90 days.
  4. Blog and Bicycling Books: Neil and Judith Forsyth write thorough, thoughtful, and even humorous books about cycling in Germany and some of the surrounding countries, especially Switzerland. Purchase or download their guide about cycling in Europe for only $0.99 and review the titles of tours in Germany, Switzerland, and other lands or simply look at their site Bicycle Touring Europe.Logo
  5. Events: For information regarding German events and club activities in the US see German World or subscribe to the German World magazine.
  6. General German Tourism information: From a private site, perhaps including even more useful information than #4 above is
  7. Travel information: About Germany according to is at
  8. German Cycling Tours: German Cycling ToursBased in Germany, German Cycling Tours offer self-led (self-guided) cycling tours and holidays in the most scenic areas of this country like Bavaria, Rhine Valley, Saar River and Moselle Valley, Saxon Switzerland or Elbe Valley.
  9. Bicycle Touring in General: Bike Access is an information-filled website (with tons of good links) about traveling with bicycles all over the world. If you are serious about touring, check this out.
  10. Bicycle guidebooks and maps: Our favorite is bikeline guidebooks from who publish several tour guidebooks in English. Logo
  11. Other Guidebooks: Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door. Eurail passes, etc.: Rick Steves.
  12. Train travel: Deutsche Bahn Travel Service Here you can develop travel itineraries for train travel and/or purchase tickets in advance. (For English language, click the down arrow next to the German Flag and the Deutschland box at the top of the webpage. I usually click the option "Timetable Information" which gives me a screen from which I choose "Travel Service in English," then I just type in the From and To information, the date, and check the "Carriage of Bicycles Required" box on the bottom. If you get the spelling wrong on the starting Bahnhof it will give you spelling options. It's simple, really.) Adventure Cycling Association - Bicycle Tours, Maps, Routes, Bicycle Clothing
  13. Bicycle Guider: At Bicycle Guider you can find information about the proper fit for your body and your bicycle, regardless of the type of bicycle. More information as well including a comprehensive bicycle guide.
  14. Bicycle Travel Information in General: Adventure Cycling Association.ADFC Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e. V.
  15. ADFC: The largest German bicycle club: (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad Club).
  16. Youth Hostels in Germany: They are called Jugendherberge.
  17. German Cities and Towns Websites: There are many towns or cities that have their own websites they include: Petershagen, Rinteln, and Kassel. These websites are mostly in German but some offer a portion of the site in English. At some, but not all, of the sites, you can make overnight accommodation reservations. This is only a partial list of cities with websites. If you are looking for a specific city, try to find it yourself by using the syntax:
  18. Pinger Hotel: A bike rental agency in Remagen, along the lower Rhine, is They will rent you a room, fix your bike or rent you another. Bikers themselves, they are recommended by readers.
  19. Norm Ford: For bicycling tips and information in Europe try Norm Ford's informational website City Cycles logo
  20. Hamburg in English: Hamburg City Cycles not only offers an English language website but also rents bicycles and offers bike tours to cities in the area like Lübeck, Lauenburg, Kiel, Glückstadt and Lüneburg.
Note: Check out our pages on Tour Companies and Bicycle Rentals for additional links. One day, if I get enough interest, I will add a page about clothing and other supplies.

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