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Neitherlands Bicycle Touring

the Netherlands (or Holland) is a land of strong coffee served in small coffee cups, football fans (Voetbal), brined herring and onions - eaten by tilting the head back and letting the slippery thing slide down your throat, draw-bridges, bicycles - bicycles - and more bicycles, only a very few helmets were visible - not even on kids who sit either in front of or behind the adult rider who also wears no helmet, wonderful flat and paved bike paths, a wonderful system of waypoints and maps on signposts to guide you to the next waypoint, brick houses, tile and thatched roofs, narrow houses - one only 39 inches wide, cheese, Kroketten - a sort of deep fried treat of breaded meat and cheese, expensive overnight lodgings, old historic buildings, lots of history, old and new sailboats, dikes a many, and lots of water. Did I mention wind? Holland can be windy.

Helmet use - NopeNo helmets for anyoneIn July 2010 we took two tours in Holland a bike and ship tour and we rode one of the Rhine estuaries from Rotterdam to the German border.

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