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First Steps

Start on this page then follow the links obtain more details about bicycling in Germany. You will find important information for both guided and self-guided and self-supported bicycle tours, so keep reading.

EschwegeMaxa's BicycleTim's BicycleSchweinshaxe, Tasty!A snack underway with Daghild and ErhardMaxa climbing to the top of a castle ruin tower 

  1. Learn about the pros and cons of either a self-guided and self-supported or a guided tour
  2. An overview of bicycling in Germany
  3. What laws apply to bicycle riding in Germany
  4. Should you rent a bicycle there or bring one
  5. Overnight accommodations while under way
  6. My favorite is Tim's Tips, a long list of tips and lessons that we learned the hard way to save you the trouble
  7. Train travel with bicycles, etc.
  8. Some with insights into German culture including some fun stuff about food and drink.
  9. Tours we have taken; over 8,500 miles (13,000km) of described tours

Next you have several choices. If you want to jump right into looking at the individual tours click the link. Have fun.

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