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Use this page to give us your feedback and or impressions about our website.

Please tell us what you think about our website, the tours, and or the information we provide. We take all suggestions seriously. Some we read and accept them as constructive criticism, some we suggestions we reject because we think that those who made the suggestions are just wrong. But keep those cards and letters flowing boys and girls. Who knows, you may win something someday.

Due to some unscrupulous, scum-sucking, Internet spammers, we have decided to rejigger our feedback page. (Regarding unscrupulous, scum-sucking, Internet spammers, is there any other kind?) Gone is the simple form you can fill out and hit "Submit." Why? Well the spammers have launched Internet "bots," like robots, that automatically harvest e-mail addresses from web pages including this one. I was receiving an inordinate amount of spam in several languages. That would be fine if I were interested in underwear sold in Russian or Ukrainian. But I'm not. The other thing I do not want to know about are spare part manufactures (for either bicycles or human bodies). I don't sell that kind of thing on this site.

So, what we have to do is to give you an e-mail address that really will not work. Then tell you in English how to make it work. The "bots" are not good at thinking or reasoning yet so they will not be able to harvest the real address but you can make it work and will be able to communicate with us.

Email to us:

  1. Here is the address that will NOT work:
  2. To make it work, simply add an extra "m" to my first name so it spells "timm". Without the quotation marks of course. Then type out the rest of the e-mail address. Said another way, our email address is: timm[at]bicyclegermany[dot]com.

It is pretty simple.

By the way, for those of you who do write. You may want to know what "Bleib Senkrecht" means in English. It means to stay upright or stay vertical. In other words, do not fall off your bike. In the German vernacular, one sometimes hears that phrase being used to mean to stay among the living too. I could mean it in that sense as well, since I am after all, a member of the Over-Fifty-with-Bad-Knees Club. As I push sixty-five (which should be enough exercise) I am slowly losing some of my friends, family, and acquaintances. That is natural I guess but I wish everyone to bleib senkrecht in all the senses of the term.

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