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Rent Bicycles by the Day

Rent a bicycle by the day for in-city use in many of Germany's larger cities.

Visiting Germany on a business trip and find yourself with a few hours or a full day of unscheduled time? Want to explore the city but find that walking, while good exercise, takes too long? Rent a bike for an hour or a day. Or, for several days if you like.

Perhaps Call a Bike Terminalyou are touring and find yourself in Germany. Maybe the rest of the bus is off visiting another palace and you have had your fill of palaces and castles (and perhaps the idiots on the tour as well). You yearn for a chance to do some sightseeing on your own before the bus hauls you to the next destination. What to do? Walk around Munich or Berlin on your own? Taking a streetcar would make more sense.Instructions for use

However, what makes the most sense is renting a bicycle by the hour or the day. And for the last few years, it is possible and convenient. The Deutsche Bahn (DB) has a Call a Bike program that is really cool. Other cities, and not just in Germany either, have locations where you can call a phone number, give them a credit card number, and hop on a bicycle for as long as you wish, up to a week. You have two possibilities: The first, and probably the most convenient in large cities is to use the German Rail System's (DB) Call a Bike. The second is to contact a bicycle store in your area that rents bicycles and arrange for a rental. This second option is about the same cost but the quality will depend on that company whereas the quality of bicycles from DB is almost universal throughout Germany.

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To contact the DB Call a Bike by Internet*. On that website, you can complete an application but we were unable to find an English translation for the registration page so, you need German or the help of a translator. You can also register by telephone by calling 0345 292-970 from within Germany or from the US call 049-345-292-970, for example.Map of cities where DB daily rental bikes can be had

The email address for Call a Bike is You can probably obtain help in registering in English by using that email address. They can send you an English language brochure in pdf file format that you can download. The brochure contains helpful information. Including a map showing the cities where Call a Bike is available in either the ICE train stations or throughout that city.A rental bike terminal in Berlin

The easiest way to use Call a Bike is with a mobile phone app. The QR-Codes for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry are available online and on this downloadable PDF.

Note: The image of the Berlin bicycle terminal and the image of the map showing the cities with DB rental bike system availability are courtesy of the Deutsche Bahn. We thank them for the cooperation in providing the images and the downloadable PDF as well as their prompt attention in helping us develop this page.

Konrad bicycle terminal in KasselWikipedia has an explanatory page in English about DB's Call a Bike program:*.

Konrad Rent a BikeIf you are in one of the cities that offer Call a Bike, i.e., Berlin (StadtRAD), Frankfurt am Main, Karlsruhe, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg (StadtRAD Hamburg), Kassel (Konrad) or many of the ICE train stations, you can register at the Call a Bike terminal. (Credit for the photograph of the Konrad daily rental bicycle to the right is to Konrad Kassel*.)

Kassel has a program that is also linked to the DB Call a Bike system called Konrad. There are over 500 Konrad bicycles in 50 different docking stations around Kassel, most within steps of bus or streetcar stations. In Kassel, you call 0561-350-293630 from within Germany to establish an account. Give them your credit card number and they will give you a code to unlock a bicycle. When you get to a place where you want to pause your excursion for a while and lock your bicycle, push the locking bolt into place, and note the unlock code on the cyclometer. When you return, simply enter the unlock code, pull the bolt back and continue your ride.Rent a Bike terminal in Passau When you want to return the bike and end your rental, go to one of the many terminals, pull the locking cable from its normal position and place it into the locking receptacle. Enter the code you have been given and your rental is done. If you are using a mobile phone, you will receive confirmation immediately by phone SMS.

In Passau, you have a choice between the DB system and a private Rent a Bike business.

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