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Contact Information: Here is some contact information you can use if you want to reach us. I will warn you, that we are frequently out - riding our bikes down the river valleys of Germany. Or, we may be busy describing new tours. Therefore, we may not respond to your e-mail right away.

If we are in Germany, we will only check e-mail when we are at our home base in Kassel. We could do a better job of communicating but there are just the two of us and we do this for fun, don'tchaknow.

Just a reminder, we do not organize or lead tours. We only provide the information that you can find among these web pages. So, do not ask us if we have tours starting in Podunksdorf going to Neustadt on August 16th. You will not be satisfied with our response.

Electronic mail: Sending us an e-mail is a two-step process that we explain the reasons more fully on our Feedback page. Our email address is: timm[at]bicyclegermany[dot]com; note the two m's. The address (with only one 'm') WILL NOT WORK. I only leave it there to give the spammers something to do.

However, what will work: If you alter that address by making my first name have an extra "m" so that it reads "timm" instead of "tim." (Do not use the quotation marks, of course.) We require this change in the old e-mail address because we are getting too much spam and this should cut out about 99% of it. And, I cannot just type out the correct address for you because then the spammer's automatic robots will pick up on it and I will start getting all the spam again. I hope you understand and forgive us this extra step.

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